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Adult Religious Education

Adult Religious Education

This program offers an opportunity for our parishioners to broaden their faith through continued education. There are a variety of courses in Scripture, Church History, Spirituality, Theology, and Personal Growth presented by qualified and dedicated facilitators. These classes are offered each year from October thru April and meet in the Saint Sebastian Enrichment Center. 

Parishioners also have the opportunity to serve as a Facilitator or Assistant. Any members handling monies are required to complete the online Diocese Safe Environment Training and be fingerprinted. In keeping with St. Mark’s Mission Statement, “to be the heart and hands of Christ,” we bring God’s teaching and greater understanding to His people. The four corners that support the mission of the Adult Religious Education Program are: Discipleship, Communion, Spiritual Gifts of Knowledge & Wisdom, and Growth in Relationship with God.

Discipleship – Go and make disciples of all men. How better to understand our Faith tradition than through continuing adult education in our Church?

Communion – To be in communion with the whole Church, it is necessary to know and understand the teachings and principles of the Church.

Spiritual Gifts of Knowledge & Wisdom – Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

Growth in Relationship with God – The Hebrew Scriptures are a record of the Israelites’ place in the world and their ancestry and history. It is a testimony to the covenant between God and His people. The New Testament continues that historical record and covenant through the Person of Jesus Christ alive in our Church today. It is only for our betterment to learn and understand our history and who we are as a Church today.

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