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Cenacle Prayer Group

Cenacle Prayer Group: Embracing the Call of Our Blessed Mother

The Cenacle Prayer Group’s purpose is to Pray For Our Priests. Our Lady calls them her “Beloved Sons” and asked a humble priest by the name of Stefano Gobbi to begin a movement to gather her priests together to form her “cohort” against the evils in the world. The book, To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, contains messages Our Lady gave to Fr. Gobbi from 1973-1997. It is how she chose to carry her voice to the hearts and souls of her children, a guide for helping them to live the Consecration to her Immaculate Heart. Her plan is to lead all souls back to Jesus.

She has asked that the laity, and especially families and children, be included in her Movement. The Cenacle comprises a Rosary, Song, Meditation, Consecration, Petitions and Thanksgiving, and ends with a reading of Our Lady’s words from her “Book.”

Join us in this spiritual journey, where tradition and heartfelt devotion intersect, nurturing our faith and connection to the Blessed Mother. For more information, please fill our form below or contact our Parish Office.