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Our Coat of Arms

The Meaning of The St. Mark Coat of Arms

A golden cross divides a pointed shield into four quadrants and includes a motto.

The Coat of Arms Parts description

The first quadrant depicts the insignia of the Pauline Fathers and Brothers, the spiritual and temporal custodians of St. Mark Parish.

The second quadrant depicts a blue fleur-de-lis, a symbol used to refer to the Virgin Mary and also its three pointed petals representing the Holy Trinity.

The third quadrant depicts a golden chalice and white host depecting the Holy Eucharist, the center of the parish’s sacramental life.

The fourth quadrant depects a lion with the scripures, a symbol depicting the Gospel of St. Mark the Evangelist.

The motto includes the title “Son of Mary” only found in the Gospel of St. Mark.

We dedicated this Coat of Arms and parish motto in September 2006 to commemorate our first year of God’s blessings upon our Church.

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