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Decorating Ministry

Decorating Ministry: Beautifying Our Sacred Spaces

This ministry is responsible for beautifying the interior and exterior of the parish buildings, including the Nave of the church, Chapel and Narthex with flowers and other unique decorations in preparation for all Holidays and Feast Days. They also help coordinate the floral arrangements for the Sunday and weekday Masses, First Holy Communions, and Weddings.

What Does the Decorating Ministry Do?

Seasonal Splendor: These gifted individuals transform our church during special seasons and holidays, ensuring that our environment harmonizes with the liturgical calendar’s rhythm.

Consistent Care: Beyond the festive times, the ministry ensures that our Church remains a place of beauty and reflection, updating the floral arrangements and decorations as needed.

Who Should Consider Joining?

If you have an eye for design, a love for beautifying spaces, or a passion for flowers and decor, our Decorating Ministry offers a wonderful opportunity to channel your talents. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or someone who simply enjoys creating beauty, your contribution can elevate the aesthetic spirit of our church.

These decorations enhance the beauty of our Parish, making it look much more appealing and inviting to all who attend. Volunteers meet at designated times before each holiday or whenever needed. Both men and women are welcome to participate in this ministry. For more information or to join our Decorating Ministry, please fill out form below or contact our Parish Office.