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Dusting Angels

Dusting Angels Ministry at St. Mark: Tending God's Home with Love and Care

In every corner of St. Mark’s, the meticulous touch of our Dusting Angels is evident. This dedicated group, comprising parish members with a heart for service, unite with a shared mission: to uphold the beauty and sanctity of our church.

The Dusting Angels understand that every nook and cranny of our worship space is sacred. Their work goes beyond routine cleaning; it’s a labor of love and reverence. Each sweep, wipe, and polish is an act of devotion, ensuring that our church stands as a pristine sanctuary where the Lord is both honored and exalted.

Their commitment is a testament to the profound love for our church and the parish community. Through their sacrifice of time, talent, and energy, the Dusting Angels ensure that each parishioner can experience worship in a setting that radiates grace, tranquility, and divine presence.

By being a part of this ministry, one doesn’t just clean a building but cares for God’s home, making it a haven of peace and worship for all who enter. For more information, please fill out form below or contact our Parish Office.