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Death does not end our relationship with God. The deceased’s body recalls the person’s story of faith, past relationships, and continued spiritual presence. In Baptism the body is made a temple of the Holy Spirit. Christian burial preserves the dignity the human body is due. 

The Catholic Funeral Rite consists of 3 movements:

Vigil Service (Wake)

The Vigil is a Scripture Prayer Service. It’s the first gathering of the faithful with their family to remember the deceased and pray for God’s mercy.

Funeral Mass

Respect and honor the body of the dead, which should be present. 

Rite of Committal

The deceased body must be entombed in a sacred “resting place.” The deceased awaits the glory of the resurrection and to see God face to face. Cremains should not be separated and must be buried or entombed, not put on a mantle until the other spouse dies. 

Christian Death has a Positive Meaning:

The Church insistently recommends that the deceased body be buried in a cemetery or other sacred place. In the resurrection, God gives incorruptible life to our body, transformed by reunion with our soul. Burial of the body confirms our faith in the resurrection of the body. 


The Church recommends a deceased body be cremated after the funeral. 

Cremated remains are to be placed in an urn. Cremated remains, in an urn, are to be buried in the ground or at sea or entombed in a columbarium. 

Cremated remains may NOT be scattered from the air or anywhere; kept at home; interred in a common grave, ground or niche where remains of several people are scattered without individual urns; each urn is to contain the cremains of only one person; cremated remains are not to be divided

Note: When the deceased has requested cremation and scattering of their ashes for reasons contrary to the Christian Faith, a Funeral Mass must be denied to the person according to the norms of the law. 

Finding Solace and Support in Times of Grief

In these challenging times of grief, remember that you are not alone. Our parish offers a Grief Support Program to provide you with the emotional and spiritual assistance you need. We have support groups like Men’s Grief Support to help you through this difficult journey.


For any additional questions or if you need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our clergy. We are here to support you, both in your faith and in your time of need.