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Garden Club

Garden Club Ministry at St. Mark the Evangelist: Cultivating Beauty in Sacred Soil

“Let’s get digging!” Echoes the spirited call of St. Mark the Evangelist’s Garden Club. This group of dedicated volunteers comes alive amidst the greens, taking pride in landscaping and beautifying the sacred grounds of our church.

Our Garden Club is not just about plants and flowers; it’s a communion with nature, a testament to God’s marvelous creations. Every bloom nurtured, every hedge trimmed, is a tribute to the wonders of His world. Through their hands, the beauty of the earth intertwines with the sanctity of our church, creating a tranquil and inviting space for worship, reflection, and community.

Blessed with the joy of working the soil, our Garden Club members witness firsthand the miracles of growth and transformation – some of which, through their dedication, they have indeed crafted. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a novice eager to learn, you’re warmly invited to join and be part of this blooming ministry at St. Mark the Evangelist. For more information, please fill out form below or contact our Parish Office.