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Marriage Encounter

Marriage Encounter

The mission of Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME) is to proclaim the value of Marriage and Holy Orders in the Church and in the world. The purpose of WWME is to assist happily married couples to make their good marriages even better. Frequently in a marriage of 5-7 years, careers, raising children, and life in general intervene in a couple’s relationship. The goal of Marriage Encounter is to restore communication, renew commitment, and rekindle romance.

On a local level, married couples who desire to make their good marriages even better attend the Marriage Encounter Weekend to revive the feeling that they were experiencing when they decided to get married.

After the Weekend is over there are on-going monthly meetings, called Circles or Images, held by WWME couples who continue to work on improving their couple communications. These meetings are normally on the 2nd Saturday of the month and are held at St. Timothy’s Catholic Church. Coordinators of WWME meetings are required to complete the online Diocese Safe Environment Training and be fingerprinted. To learn more about World Wide Marriage Encounter go to:

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