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Ministry of Consolation

Ministry of Consolation: Offering God's Comfort in Times of Sorrow

The Ministry of Consolation serves as a “go-between” for the Parish and the bereaved family. Essentially, the funeral home associates call the church and the date and time for the funeral is established. In turn, we are called and information regarding the deceased is passed on to us. We then make contact with the family and set up a time to meet at the church office.

At this time, we help by listening and consoling the family. This is followed by planning the Liturgy (Funeral Mass); we offer a wide selection of Readings from both the Old and New Testament, several Psalms, and a multitude of hymns from which the family can choose. Oftentimes, the bereaved wishes to have family members or friends do the Readings and bring down the Offertory Gifts to the Altar. If not, we arrange for Parish members to perform these duties. All this material is garnered and photocopied. We give this information to several ministry coordinators who help make the Mass go smoothly. On the day of the funeral, we are in attendance and serve in any capacity that might prove helpful. 

The support and comfort that we provide are always appreciated. Members of this ministry are required to complete the online Diocese Safe Environment Training and be fingerprinted. It is truly a wonderful and fulfilling ministry. Come and join us for an uplifting and a “feeling good inside” experience! Couples are encouraged to participate!!!

For more information or to join our Consolation Ministry, please fill out form below or call our Parish Office.