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Music Ministry & Choir

Lift Spirits with Song: Join Our Music Ministry

“Music” is an important element in our Parish Liturgies. We have been blessed for many years with talented and gifted parishioners. The choir exercises a special function in our Liturgies by fostering active participation of the faithful through singing. Along with the weekend Masses and other Liturgical services, the St. Mark Celebration Choir offers a special Lenten/Easter Concert and an Advent/Christmas Concert each year

Our Choir

Our Liturgical Choir fulfills the direction of the 1972 document from the USCCB called “Music in Catholic Worship” which stated that: “Faith grows when it is well expressed in celebration. Good celebrations foster and nourish faith. Poor celebrations may weaken and destroy it.”

Why Serve?

Share Your Gift: Your musical talent is a gift, not just for you but for the entire community. By sharing it, you magnify the beauty of our liturgical celebrations.

Foster Community: Beyond the notes and rhythms, our music ministry is about building a community bound by a shared passion for song and worship.

Deepen Your Faith: Music has a way of opening our hearts and minds to the Divine. By participating, you immerse yourself in a spiritually enriching experience.

Currently, the choir sings at the 4:00 PM Saturday and the 10:00 AM Sunday Masses.

You are cordially invited to join and participate in our music ministry. You will be offering your special gift to our assembly, while also becoming a part of a musical family. Reading music is not required. Singers are placed according to their own vocal range. For more information or to join our Music Ministry, please fill out form below or contact our Parish Office.