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Be A Voice for God’s Word: Join Our Readers Ministry

Through our ministry, God continues to feed His people at the Table of the Word. Through our readers, God’s Living Word continues to be proclaimed to all His people, young and old, to the troubled, to the happy, to those in need of a challenge, and to those in need of comfort.

Our task is like that of the sower, who generously casts the seeds on the earth with the hope that many will take root. This is a very important part of spreading God’s message to all that will hear Him.

Why Become a Reader?

Proclaim the Good News: Be the voice that conveys the heart of our faith, reminding us of God’s enduring love and teachings.

Strengthen Your Faith: By reading aloud, you get an opportunity to immerse yourself deeper into the Scriptures, understanding and internalizing its messages.

Serve Your Community: Assist during various Mass times, ensuring that the Word of God remains central to our communal worship.

Who Is Invited?

Whether you have a passion for Scripture, a gift for public speaking, or simply a desire to serve, we invite you to become a part of this essential ministry. Prior experience isn’t necessary; our training sessions will equip you with everything you need.

We provide one-on-one training with all new readers in the ministry in which we stress pronunciation, preparation, understanding, voice quality/volume, and eye contact. We keep readers up to date via e-mail on Liturgical changes including scheduling changes as dictated by the Pastor.

If you feel a stirring within to proclaim God’s Word, or if you have questions about the role and responsibilities of a Reader, we warmly invite you to reach out. For more information or to join our Readers Ministry, please fill our form below or contact our Parish Office. Let your voice be the one that shares the timeless tales of faith, hope, and love.