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Small Christian Communities

Small Christian Communities

Small Christian Communities are groups of parishioners who meet once a week in a parishioner’s home to listen to the “The Word of God” and how He is present in our lives and experiences. We are a small faith-sharing group focused on Sunday Readings and exploring personal faith journeys. We strive for a deepened relationship with God and a better understanding of the mission as we share as Disciples of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit to bring the Good News to all people.

Small Christian Communities make tremendous sense in today’s Church. They provide an intimacy that the larger Parishwide community struggles to emulate. Small group faith-sharing communities are able to connect with people in the margins and cubby-holes of their lives in ways the more formal aspects of the Church cannot reach.

Small Christian Communities complement the broader efforts of the pastoral outreach that a Parish provides. Our gatherings are a special time for prayer, discussion, and fellowship with our fellow Christian friends.

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